115 m3/h tabletop model airfilter  300 m3/h floor model airfilter 600 m3/h floor model airfilter
Electrostatic filter and optional  Electrostatic filter and optional Electrostatic filter and optional
acative carbon filter active carbon filter active carbon filter
400 m3/h  duct mounted airfilter. 1200 m3/h duct mounted airfilter. Smookers filtered air compartment.
Electrotstatic and optonal active carbon filter.  Electrostatic and optional active carbon filter. Includes electrostatic and active carbon filters
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Swedish technology within the field of heat and power.
We are specialized with our own developed technics within the following areas of activities:

– Powergenerating sets for baseload or emergency application using gases or oils as fuels.

The emission data are as follows:
NitrousOxides (NOx) 40-60 mg/MJ
CarbonMonoxide (CO) 0-10 mg/Nm3
Unburned coal (VOC) 0-15 mg/Nm3
Especially the system has patented technology in order to be able cleanly and with very low NitrousOxide (NOx) emissison burn different kinds of fuels.

This 65 MW district heating plant located in a major Swedish city, have been successfully operated since the end of 1984. The plant includes a 14 MW Solid fuel boiler using the patented Multi-Fuel Fluidised-Bed Combustion system as presented in our website. This Multi-fuel, Fluidised-bed system consists of a specially-designed boiler, capable of burning all grades of solid fuel, including organic fuel of such low grade that no other boiler in the area could use it. By 1992 the district heating plant served some 250 detached homes and 6000 flats as well as several schools and industrial premesis. The biofuel boiler provides almost 60 percent of the energy required.

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